About Peter Stilton

In Loving Memory, Peter Stilton (1944-2020)

Tampa artist Peter Stilton led a life full of color By Maggie Duffy, Tampa Bay Times, 12 March 2021 The prolific artist created thousands of works and exhibited all over the world. Peter Stilton in his home studio in 2006.  Peter Stilton was born to create. Throughout his life, he followed his passions in painting, poetry and music, leaving a prolific legacy. The...

My “Shuttered” Life of March and April 2020

While much of the population is dealing with a world of social isolation and surreality, I go about the days much as usual. As an artist, write and now, composer, I really spend most hours alone, usually with my faithful Great Dane Montague. None of what I do is teamwork, although I have always enjoyed tasks and projects that require that. Every day’s challenge is to extract from the wide range of...

Jonathan’s Dream (London Mist)

This is an unusual painting as it is a double dream in a way, based on one of the Rolls-Royce Silver Spurs which I owned for a decade. “Montague,” as I named the gold 1982 Rolls, had the original brown leather interior; the wood door sills needed re-varnishing (which I did) and the leather was cracked in places. The power seats did not work, but the engine was excellent with about 90,000 miles on it. I...

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