Maison De Nora fudge sauce is the first moving stair on the escalator to heaven
Tampa Tribune, June 19, 1981

Maison De Nora

This silky, smooth fudge sauce with a genteel rich, bittersweet flavor celebrates its comeback (see Tampa Bay Times, January 20, 2015). After over 30 years off the market, it is back to tingle the taste buds of gourmets and chocolate lovers everywhere. Perfect for those special occasions like dinner parties, sharing with friends and family, or simply to savor by yourself to lift your mood and let your spirits soar.

The recipes for the chocolate fudge sauce and the chocolate fudge cookies have been a well-guarded family secret since 1920. Both the sauce and the cookies are now ready for a return bout to treat the palate of a new generation to a novel, exotic taste experience. Read more…

The secret recipe of the rich fudge sauce and cookies has been passed on since 1922