Iroquois Song: Between the Lakes

48″ X 48″, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

“This was a powerful Indian abstract that reminded me of the shores along Cayuga Lake, which literally “spoke” to me when I lived there in the 70’s. Originally, the Indians planted peach orchards in this gentle part of New York State, but they were burned by General Sullivan and his troops at the end of the 18th century. Subsequently, farms occupied the higher ridges, and towns and cottages were located closer to the lakes…the Finger Lakes spread like a hand across this enchanting landscape. When I look at the painting, it also makes me think of something a tribal chief presented to my great uncle Harold Gustin when he left Liberia—it was a large “quilt” of leopard, zebra and other wild animal skins, and bright red British cloth. He always called it a “Hell of a Work.” I made a one, too!”

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