Kinematics of Civilization

30″ X 30″
acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

“I worked with a “grid” format on a smaller square canvas, and found it revelatory that each of these “squares in a square” canvases is so different one from the other! This combines brick and rose, blue and lavender, green and turquoise, and a “kaolin” yellow ochre tint. The symbols have to do with “movement” in civilized societies…sails and wheels for transport, cranes, etc.” A Stilton “trademark” is the use of cadmium red in very small quantities to give a “punch” to the other colors. “I think I first thought of it when I was a graduate student at UCLA, when I admired Mrs. Bright’s red lines on the tires of her blue Rolls Royce and David Hockney’s red “squarish” object floating in a turquoise pool.”

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