Early Impressions of Maine

16” X 20”
acrylic on canvas

“These colors, a counterbalance to my hectic life with two active little boys, fulfilled a desire for peace and quiet. They are the colors of the woods and the ocean, and stark like Maine itself. I think when I was first taken to Maine in 10th grade; it gave me a rock (literally) to base myself. I had never seen the ocean before, and I was in awe. I had never seen so many stars at night, and so many shooting stars! I had never heard such sounds, sounds of stones being pulled from gorges by the tide, sounds of surf submerging chiseled and sculpted rocks! Somehow all of this reappeared in this painting so many years later, indicating to me that none of our important perceptions are ever lost. There are the pines, the stone steps to the beach at Ogunquit, the lighthouses, and those sailboats that brave the great mysterious deep!”

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