Maison de Nora Fudge Sauce

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Nothing in the chocolate kingdom is more versatile than Maison de Nora Fudge Sauce. It can be used to stimulate the most jaded senses into ecstatic delight by ladling it over your favorite ice cream, macroons, peanut butter desserts, pound cake, and so many more combinations. Gentle heating causes it to flow like dark chocolate lava from a secret volcano, covering the most exotic dessert with its unparalleled exquisite flavor. You and your guests will remember it long after your dinner party…and those most smitten sometimes “take it straight” whilst no one is looking!

Maison de Nora Fudge Sauce with artwork of Peter Stilton on the label (including his signature). Let us know which one you like best via email .

Size: 10oz

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Why are “Grandma Nora’s” Fudge Sauce and Fudge Cookies so special?

Peter Stilton’s thoughts about Maison de Nora

Well, we’ve all heard that somewhat silly phrase, “it’s like dying and going to heaven.” In this case, heaven is indeed here now. I came into the family when they were living in New York and Tampa. I managed to learn many stories about their past and present. Sometimes it seemed a mix of vaudeville and the movies, studded with encounters and affiliations with Hollywood celebrities and political leaders. As in every family, there were tears with the laughter too, and I came to love each one of them for their special and individual gifts that enriched my own life. Nora was one of the most loving and caring ladies I have ever met. When I first met Jill in upstate New York, she was a student at the private college where I was a professor. I can only describe her as having an aura of graciousness far beyond anyone I had ever seen. Later, when I met Nora and Jill’s mom in Gainesville and Tampa, I knew instantly that they had paved the way for this remarkable girl! What does this have to do with the sauce and cookies? Everything!

Nora, Goldie, and Hattye were accomplished young ladies growing up in General Pershing’s brother’s house with a dumbwaiter in Omaha, Nebraska. They studied music, elocution, and all the things that would make them “ladies,”. They dressed in the latest fashions since their father owned a department store. One of the key accomplishments was to be able to entertain guests in creative ways. When the fudge sauce was served in Miami, Nora had ice cream balls of various flavors and toppings in matching ceramic pineapples (which Jill still has in our collection).

I can honestly say there is nothing like the cookies or sauce. After the business closed in the mid 80’s, I found myself scrambling for available products to satisfy my “sweet tooth”. Nothing sufficed… not in London, not in Paris, not anywhere. No wonder that House of Representatives friend of Nora’s in Miami locked the cookies in his safe, to keep them to himself! I have heard recently of people I know doing similar things!  One family member in California, living next to a film star, asks Jill for the cookies whenever she cannot eat anything else. I kept thinking, this has to be available to more people on a regular basis… not just for holidays!  It is, quite frankly, The Best.  No wonder Bloomingdales offered so much money for the recipe years ago. No wonder Godiva’s food chemists tried to recreate Nora’s dessert sauce (I’m not making this up; we have the letters!). Of course, if you don’t like dark chocolate…, well, that cannot be helped!

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5 reviews for Maison de Nora Fudge Sauce

  1. Betsy

    I have been a fan of the sauce and cookies for years! One of my all-time favorite desserts is the fudge sauce with peppermint ice cream, and during the recent holidays, I treated myself to that fabulous combination almost every night.

  2. Theodora Phillips, Tampa

    “Maison de Nora” is a wonderfully smooth, chocolate bittersweet treat, which my family and I greatly enjoy. Its satin-like texture is exquisite in taste and because it is so rich and satisfying, it goes a long way. It’s not necessary to put a lot of it on ice cream, cake or whatever one chooses to use it for. It makes a lovely hostess gift, and I recommend it for everyone to enjoy!

  3. Roger

    I live in Sarasota, FL. Formerly New York City and Washington, DC. There’s nothing available that I have found which compares to NORA’S chocolate fudge sauce. It’s thickness is the big appeal to me, its smooth texture, when warmed, makes it perfect over many varieties of desserts and even over pastries. Try it; you’l love it, and be back for more.


  4. Laurie Anderson

    Absolutely fabulous!!! Like no other product in existence. A culinary gift of excellence and indulgence to all chocoholics and foodies!

  5. Diane

    We concur with the previous reviews! Recently, we were introduced to the Maison de Nora fudge sauce as part of a dessert served at a dinner party. We enjoyed the full flavor and rich consistency of the fudge sauce so much that we have placed an order for it. We are also ordering the cookies as we are eager to try them.

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